Entrepreneur & Business Coach

Dale Munger is a multi million-dollar income earner, coach and entrepreneur in network marketing industry. He’s website, personal branding and user interface is designed around his passion of helping others become a business owner.


Dale Munger case study

Dale Munger is a well-known entrepreneur, business coach and top income earner in Network Marketing, based in Southern California. 

Dale first approached Brand Me Creations to increase his visibility online, attract new quality prospects to join his Network Marketing business. 

Aspiring to penetrate the demands of entrepreneurship and business mentorship in Southern California where competition is high, Dale needed a more compelling impact that will make him stand out from the crowd and position him as a leading  business coach inn his industry.

What inspired us to work with Dale was the passion he has for helping people becoming a home based business owner.

Since we knew what Dale wanted, we started digging deeper to find out what he needed to get there. We performed our discovery process to learn more about his goals. We looked up Google Adwords campaigns, landing pages, marketing messages and the ads that were being used by other entrepreneurs in Network Marketing to see where Dale could get a competitive advantage. 

Prior to the website launching, we created a coming soon page and connected it to an email subscriber system to collect emails so Dale had a list to market to as soon as his website went live. 

We custom designed a responsive (mobile-friendly) website theme to match Dale’s branding, showcase his photos and present useful information about his background, lifestyle, family and expertise. 

This was complimented by an email marketing strategy to grow the number of prospects Dale is able to work with on an ongoing basis. 

Since the launch of the new website and marketing strategy, Dale successfully generated quality leads of prospects interested in joining his business and mentorship program. 

We actively working with the Dale on his continued growth strategy to establish his brand in the marketplace, reach his ideal potential business partners and grow his company.

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