How To Use Facebook Groups to Build Your Brand

There is nothing like conversation for good marketing and in case you are looking for how to use Facebook groups to build your brand, one thing to keep in mind, is that Facebook have been known to be a fantastic way to bring people of common interest together, whether it be for a club, team, family, or just people who share common interests.
Did you know, creating a Facebook Group is one of the most profitable decisions you can make for marketing your brand?
When you look at Facebook Groups, there is more than one benefit that can be taken advantage of. With Facebook Groups:

  1. Members can comment and like posts, which is great for providing links to products and events associated with your brand.
  2. Plans can be created in order to organize events and sales with the people who care the most about them.
  3. Documents, polls, and other forms of organized data can be shared directly with the customers, so that nothing connected with your brand is misunderstood or in the dark.

Creating A Facebook Group

Facebook Groups are easier to set up than most Facebook accounts in general.
By going to the top right drop down tab of your Facebook feed, you can click on “Create Group”. From there, you will be brought to a page giving suggestions on what to name your group, as well as the option to invite a few individuals into the group from the get go. You can choose whether your group to be Public or Private, but for the sake of your brand, it is recommended to make it Public.From there, you can pin the group to your shortcuts side bar, and customize the group page how you see fit. As always, try to keep the page alluring and user friendly, while keeping a professional tone.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Facebook Group

Simply creating a Facebook Group for your brand isn’t everything. There are precautions and tips in order for you to better know how to utilize your group in one form or another.

Make Sure To Describe The Group

Having a great intro description is one of the keys to success as far as Facebook groups are concerned. Even if you come up with one of the most elaborate and well thought out names for your group, if no one knows what the heck it is all about, they are not going to want to stick around for too long. It is also important to set up a clear distinction of guidelines for the group. What is this group looking to achieve? What kind of behaviour is deemed inappropriate? Who are some of the important figures of the group? What is the group’s background, and why was it created? This is only a fraction of the questions that should be raised when putting a Facebook group together.

Create A Separate Admin Group

This is a simple yet important piece of advice. If you have a lot of members taking up responsibility to keep the group running, then it might be best to create a secret admin group, so that the important discussions are taken to the sidelines, while the main group itself can flourish doing what it was made to do.

Do Not Replace Your Facebook Page With The Group

A Facebook Group is meant to be something similar to a tool to better advertise your Facebook page, not the other way around. Whether it be in the description of the group page, or a general URL pasted under the important information tab, be sure to have an easy way to redirect members of the group to your Facebook Page.

Pin Important Posts

No one said that you had to be humble when creating a Facebook Group. When new members come along, you are going to want to show off the best posts the group has linked to or made over the time of its creation.

Be Aware of Notifications

As the creator of a Facebook Group, your job is not only to bring people together, but to also ensure that only the right content in being introduced into the Group. Setting notifications is a great way to see what kind of posts are being made in the group, and more importantly, who is posting them and how often.

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Ari Alavi

Ari Alavi

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